Top 6 Reasons Why Custom Built Homes are the way to go in Ballarat!

Dracon Construction: The best Australian home builders in Ballarat are building dream homes for many!

Having a roof over your head that you proudly own is the dream of every single human being. Living in your own house not only develops a sense of safety but also the way you can relax at your own house… and if your home is built by the local Ballarat builders, you know you have got it right! Isn’t that feeling incomparable? Having your own home built to perfection with the best Australian home builders in Ballarat! Just amazing!

The phrase ‘It feels like home’ is more than justified in this case when you have your local home builders Ballarat getting it built!

Custom Built Homes Ballarat

The most obvious reason to have custom-built homes in Ballarat is to have everything the way you want it. Here are the top 6 reasons why you should get your house should be among the custom built homes Ballarat:


Retrofitting older homes with modern, updated energy-efficient fixtures can be really hard on your pockets. For very obvious reasons, a new home buyer should always look for energy-efficient fixtures in their home. Dracon Construction’s energy-efficient homes make adequate usage of energy models, saving electricity and your energy expenses.


You can have interactive designs bridging the gap between your family. Bring kitchen, dining, and entertainment together and enjoy the Melbourne Cup with your family the way it should be.


A custom-built home allows you to have ample and interactive space like a custom patio that underlines a barbeque pit, or an in-ground pool. All your friends and relatives will love to come over for parties and thanksgiving.


Have the luxury of picking the location where you want to live and avail the best Ballarat builders with sound knowledge and expertise. You can have your custom builts homes Ballarat in your location of choice. For example, if you are retiring or looking for a place to maintain a work-life balance, you may want to build a house in Ballarat and surrounds, with the help of the premier house builders near you.


You can never be completely sure about buying a pre-built or resale house. There can be damages that might not be evident at that moment but could turn into major disasters down the line. Why buy a house when you can be down to details with a custom-built house?


Since you are investing a lot in your house, you deserve to pick the best there is. An experienced and skilled builder is thorough with details and knows what he is doing. With a trustable builder, you can add value to your house and if down the line you decide to sell it you will get the best price.

It’s your chance to hire the finest custom Ballarat builders for your beautiful home!

Local Ballarat Builders

Dracon Construction’s Ballarat builders for your custom home.

We at Dracon Construction genuinely understand your dream of building your own house and we strive to give your dreams the perfect shape. With over 18 years of experience Dracon Construction flourishes with the perfect blend of experience and expertise that is needed to build the house of your dreams for you within your budget and timeframe.

What does Dracon Construction have to offer?

Experience and workmanship

With approximately two decades of experience, we stand in the front row of builders with nothing but happy and satisfied customers backing our workmanship.

Tailored Services

Customized plans that suit you! We make building plans specially tailored for you after discussing your comfortable budget and needs, keeping your family, space and comfort in mind to offer you the best.

Dynamic building plans

We understand that more often than not, it can be important to make changes in the building plan. Dracon Construction provides you with the option of changing the building plans as per your needs without any hassle or surplus charges to achieve a design that meets your budget and lifestyle.

All under one roof

Dracon construction handles the construction of your custom house all the way from design to completion. We become a single point of contact for you making the chain on command easier for you. Also, by having everything under one roof, the cost of construction is highly optimized as the number of workers required is considerably less.

What makes Dracon Construction the best Australian home builders in Ballarat and surroundings?

Dracon Construction has been the premier local builders ballarat through and through! What truly sets us apart from the rest is the fact that we build energy-efficient, customized, and luxurious homes all within your budget, lifestyle, and needs.

Kitchen Renovations Ballarat

We possess full-fledged expertise in home building and offer a wide range of services that include bathroom and kitchen renovations, outdoor extensions, new home designs, and decking.

With more than two decades of experience in building the best custom homes in Ballarat and its surroundings, it is easy to see why we are the unanimous choice for residents.

If you are just moving to Ballarat to escape the noise and chaos of the big city and embrace a peaceful and laid-back lifestyle, we are your go-to destination for new home designs that we bet would leave you awestruck!


If you have been a resident of Ballarat for a while now and are looking for excellent house renovations, outdoor extensions, or looking to make your home more energy-efficient, then Dracon Construction has got your back with the most budget-friendly and luxurious options to choose from!

We truly believe in ‘building the difference’!

Hire the best home builders in Ballarat and surrounds and bring your dream home to reality!

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Best-rated custom home builders Ballarat. Get in touch with us at 0422 942 505 for one of a kind House Builders, Kitchen Renovations, Home Design services.

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