What Colours Should You Be Painting Every Room While Going In For House Designs In Ballarat?

House extensions Ballarat and surrounds are now simple!

While renovating your new space, an exciting thing to do is choose the shade of paints that go into every room.

The interiors of the room, the drapes, the lamps, and so many other little things are all dependent on the shade of paint that you select.

Dracon Construction is a team of custom home builders in Ballarat. We have been building homes and dreams for a long while now and are here to build yours too.

Let’s give you an insight into what shades work best for which rooms and why!

Home Designs Ballarat

Citrus orange is an attractive colour for house designs in Ballarat

Custom home builders in Ballarat recommend that the colour works wonders for your time as a family.

Light pink for the office space is a good bet during your house extensions in Ballarat

Painting the workspace this shade during your house extensions in Ballarat and surrounds fosters feelings of harmony, inner peace and quiet. Just the vibes that you would want to have while you get to work, right?

The newest house designs in Ballarat opt for yellow in the kitchen!

Kitchen Renovations Ballarat

Many kitchens and eateries around the world are painted in shades of yellow as the colour is said to be one associated with happiness, fun, and a desire to satisfy those taste buds!

Custom home builders in Ballarat recommend darker shades for the bedroom

House designs in Ballarat suggest these colours also give expanse to your space and make the room look larger than it really is.

The Bathroom Renovation Experts in Ballarat suggest what would look best

Think again.

There are loads you can do in your bathroom to make it appear wider, spacious, classy and elegant.

The colour that you should go in for during the bathroom renovations in Ballarat will determine the vibe and feel of the bathroom.

Bathroom Renovations Ballarat

Bathroom Renovation Experts in Ballarat suggest the colours teal, black or copper for your space

Did you know that most doorknobs are made of copper as they experience the most number of germs and copper acts as a killer of certain bacteria?

Well, with this amazing property of it, imagine having an entire bathroom coated with copper!

Bathroom renovation experts in Ballarat and surrounds suggest that you keep the fixtures in the bathroom minimal so as to avoid an overcrowded look.

Have you decided what shades you wish to paint your home in?

Let the experts help you!

House extensions in Ballarat will be an exhilarating experience for you! You get to expand your space, choose what to do with all the extra space and glam up your home.

While going in for bathroom renovations in Ballarat remember to choose wisely, the colours, the fixtures, the accessories.

Your home is essentially a reflection of you.

Make it what you want it to be!

Reach out to Dracon Construction today

Best-rated custom home builders Ballarat. Get in touch with us at 0422 942 505 for one of a kind House Builders, Kitchen Renovations, Home Design services.

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